Award winning tattoo artists


Tattooist Chart was born in Phuket, Thailand. He started his artistry from cloth painting. While painting he started to learn the art of tattooing in his spare time. He then met Num Rongtiam, a tattoo expert from the northern east of Thailand and became his protege.Through the years Chart has traveled to many places where he has accumulated a wealth of experience in tattooing which span over 20 years.
He specializes in Asian and Oriental design which he has won many awards for. Chart now lives in Phuket and started his own company called “Golden Needlee Tattoo” in 2008.

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Tattooist Mee was born in Bangkok,Mee over 20 years experience tattooing,working and traveling to many places gaining experience and knowledge.In 2013 he came to Phuket to work at Golden Needle Tattoo Studio. He has received numerous awards and trophies throughout his career.He works in many styles but specialises in color , black andgrey and realistic.

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