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Golden Needle Tattoo

About us, we could tell you that we use the high standards of hygiene and sterilization, with one of best artist of Thailand with lots of winning awards, do best service, excellent English, imported inks and latest equipment, unique designs…. but all of above will not make us different from the others, what really matters is that Golden Needle, is not just another studio, we live for it, even the name it comes from Chart real surname, we were born to create art, and we feel and make feel everyone as a family, we provide a real atmospher, with privicy and unique feelings that will last in your memories as long the tattoo do, we give the best of ourself to each person, and its been like that for more than 25 years, and our goal is just one, the happinese and the best expirience for each of you, with love Golden Needle family

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Service 3

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Service 4

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Golden needle Studio

Open: Daily 12:30 – 21:30
Location: At the southern entrance of Phuket Town, on Chaofa East Road, near Rama IX Park
Telephone: 081-2717152 or 076-608696


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Cathy Naquin

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Richard Wint

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Nancy Edwards

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62/14 Chaofa Rd. Tambon Talad-Nua, Ampher Moung Phuket 83000 Chart Mobile : +66 81-271-7152 Studio Phone : +66 76-608-696
IG : Goldenneedletatoo

Please Call Our Taxi Driver Bryan If You Need Transportation To Our Studio. His Rates Are The Best. 089 471 5623

All artists have their own pricing depending on style and experience, please respect the price quotations given.

Golden Needle Tattoo

62/14 Chaofa Rd. Tambon Talad-Nua,

Ampher Moung Phuket 83000


(+66) 81-271-7152

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